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Did anyone care about the legacy?

In a time marked by cross-border conflicts and wars, challenges arose that would reverberate for generations to come. When I

The Legacy

When I was born, my father was 39 years old, having settled down late in life. His experiences during World

The kitchen counter

Together with my mother, I walked back home, expressing my anger towards the teacher. Although my mother made me feel

Sloppy fox

“When I was in preschool, enthusiastically coloring a drawing, the teacher approached me at the end of the lesson. Still

I fight back!

When my husband with Parkinson’s disease visits the dentist they hurt him. For a while, he complained of persistent pain

Strong woman goes on vacation

What happens when you’re a strong woman going on vacation and the street is under construction and you need to

My third website is inspired by my mothers

  She stayed true to herself, took good care of herself, and shaped her own passion. She passed away in

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