These sculptures are objects that I created to support a given direction. They are warriors, fighting for their rights, persisting in motion, and keeping one world afloat. They are focused on actions. The vertical structures emphasize upward energy, which is intended both mentally and physically. Like my other sculptures, they are created to store things that are important to you for support on your journey.



The meaning of the name Djino is the vigilant or pure person. The sculpture Djino’ is inspired by a Tibetan monk and possesses the magic of a fakir. With a tablecloth and all, he ascends from a mountain, thus maintaining an overview of the world. Ceramic sculpture¬† year 2017. Dimensions: h45cm x w30cm x d20cm



The meaning of the name Alfonsa is a defender of humanity. Ceramic sculpture, year 2015, dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 35cm







Rachelle: The meaning of the name Rachelle is frisky lamb. The shortened hind leg represents the speed of the movement captured in this sculpture. Year 2016 ceramic sculpture, dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 45cm



She holds an entire world aloft. The meaning of the name Mariam is a woman of iron.

Ceramic sculpture, year 2016, dimensions; 20cm x 20cm x 45cm. 


The gardener seduces his wife

Ceramic sculpture, year 2017, dimensions h40cm x b18cm x d18cm



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