My path to enlightenment

Each chawan sculpture symbolized a phase of my life. From “The Gift of Life,” with a stiff penis symbolizing the drive for reproduction, to “The Young Woman in Development,” crowned and ready for the future. The sculptures captured the transitions, culminating in a little hand waving goodbye to motherhood, heading towards freedom on my path to enlightenment.










In a remote workshop in China, steeped in tradition, I shaped my life’s journey in porcelain clay. The clay, white and red, was locally sourced in the village of Gaoan, near Xiamen Ping Dong. I glazed the creations with organic materials from the surroundings. With a woodfring oven, stoked by us in shifts, the sculptures were fired. The delicate balance of fire and oxygen determined the fusion of clay and glaze. Inspired by the Japanese tradition, I built my sculptures from small chawans.






Vragen of interesse?

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