From the suitcase Glondong

The sculpture series ” from the suitcase Glondong” represents my creative journey in coming to terms with a profound event from the past, which left deep scars on my father and consequently impacted our family. In my imagination, I’ve traveled back to the poignant moment in history: the landing of the marines at Glondong during the Indonesian War of Independence in 1947.

In these sculptures, I vividly recreate the events in a powerful way. Symbolically, I bring the fallen back to life by reassembling their lost pieces. With the help of a stove, I provide warm meals for everyone, create boots to endure the mud, rain, and long marches, a helmet offers protection a shape of a footprint where tired feet can find rest, saddles to sit on and a belly dancer to entertain, allowing people to regain their humanity.

The intriguing “Pandora’s Box” serves as a symbol for opening up and sharing a long-suppressed history. With these sculptures, I acknowledge the emotions of those who suffered under a past command and the scars of that time. They offer much-needed support in finding joy once again.

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