The ceramic series ‘Dresses’ has been created as a culmination of work or daily struggle. This series includes sculptures that can be worn as a shirt, dress, or apron, allowing us to perform a role or task more effectively. After completing the task, the dress can be removed.


Cross Shirt

The ceramic dress Cross Shirt, however, is not just a shirt; it is a manifestation of strength and protection designed to be worn beneath the finest of suits or attire, a comforting shield against the rigors of daily life.

This unique work of art features an intricate pattern, reminiscent of a feathered cloak, evoking the divine essence of the archangel Michael, a symbol of strength and safeguard. When you gaze upon this sculpture, you can feel the embrace of an otherworldly guardian, standing ready to guide you through life’s challenges with grace and resilience. Cross Shirt, the year 2015, size:  W15cm x D10cm xH30cm


Ceramic dress Cinderella,  a term synonymous with the beloved fairy tale character, represents the embodiment of diligent domesticity. The hands gracefully depicted on her apron symbolize the additional set of hands that come to her aid in the execution of her daily household duties. This apron, a true work of art, is rendered with the charm and elegance reminiscent of a gala gown. Ceramics Cinderella, year 2015, size: H35 cm x W15 cm x D15 cm.




Ceramic dress Florence takes its name from Florence Nightingale (born in Florence on May 12, 1820, and passed away in London on August 13, 1910), a notable British figure encompassing the roles of a nurse, social reformer, statistician, and mystic. This remarkable woman is celebrated as the pioneer of modern nursing, with her most profound impacts often occurring quietly behind the scenes. Through this sculpture, my intention is to depict her donning a functional work apron, complete with several thoughtfully added pockets, offering practicality for carrying additional nursing supplies. Ceramics Florence, year 2015, size: W12 x D10x H30 cm.





The ceramic dress known as Carrier,  is far more than just an ornamental apron or costume; it’s a tribute to the incredible strength and resilience of women. Crafted with the utmost care and artistry, this creation celebrates the indomitable spirit of the feminine essence. It embodies the countless, often unheralded, contributions that women make in our world every day. ‘Carrier’ is not just a sculpture; it’s a symbol of the powerful force that women represent in society. Ceramics carrier, year 2014, size: W15 cm x D 15 cm x H40 cm

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