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empowerment in the kitchen counter

  A crude and outdated belief once suggested, “the only right of a woman is the kitchen counter”—a statement that,

The dress for Queen Mother

I created this sculpture because, in addition to creating my art, I also cared for my children and husband. It

Vitamine Art at Kunsthuis Dorp 16 in Zevergem – De Pinte – BE

Dear friends and art lovers, You are cordially invited to come and celebrate with us the exhibition of beautiful works,

Art inspired by skating

Art inspired by skating My experience as a skating coach. What I’ve personally learned from the training is that my

Views from a mother

Like a tidal wave set in stone She came into the world Subject to the law Simply retold A daughter

Tariqa goes her own way

As you know, I found it difficult to entrust the separated life of my beautiful daughter and her upbringing to

The gift of life

  The sincere attention you gave me made me feel like coming home. Deep in my belly, a sun began

A love song in ceramics

True love is about receiving a great gift, finding joy in it, and taking care of it. Nurturing what is

Artist in Residence China

  In November 2018, I had the privilege of working as an artist-in-residence in the enchanting village of Gaoan, near

Broken Silence

Ceramic sculpture Lion Harry breaks free from the captivity of silence     The lump was stuck in my throat,

Djino sculptuur in exchanged for my second website

A journey that lasted from 2017 to 2023.   Ceramic sculpture from 2017 Size: h45cm x b30cm x d20cm provides

He lost his soul as a result of the Politionele Acties: A Historical Perspective on Dutch Military.

I created the artwork ‘Broken Body’ in 2010. This process helped me shed the heavy burden of this event and

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