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Welcome to my world of conceptual art in ceramics

In my art I emphasize the power of love and the choices we hold. I share life stories to convey the full emotional spectrum, underscoring the importance of making choices for personal growth. My ceramics are colorful, reminiscent of fairy tales, serving as guardians of small treasures. These treasures may include written verses, positive thoughts, and beautiful memories. The owner determines the contents, giving the sculpture a personal and meaningful touch.

Esther Lunter


a remarkable choice in my life.

Endless, unyielding, and challenging to conquer.

Either too wet or too dry, who would prefer this?

It has to do with my inner voice.

Hidden between my laughter and my tears.

My self-discipline and determination. And let’s not forget, finding joy in repetition.

What more can I say?

Oh yes, my body, strong as a horse. But it starts with that inner fire, deep within.

With the desire to create. And it also ends with that same fire.

The efforts I needed are long forgotten.

Because I was just playing.

Inspired by the poem “Stamina” by Eddie van Aken, November 2018

esther lunter


esther lunter


Online kunstmagazine 2/2023

Oneline kunstmagazine 2/2022

Alexandra Simon Tongers M.A. Art historian 2/6/2017

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