My third website is inspired by my mothers


She stayed true to herself, took good care of herself, and shaped her own passion.

She passed away in December 2023, becoming my guiding light after my own mother’s passing in 1993. Different yet self-aware and passionate, both women made me feel at home—an environment where I was nurtured by those unafraid to defy opinions or stereotypes

We visited her farmhouse every two months, finding comfort in the five beds and warm meals she always prepared, as if it were a perpetual vacation. I was free of obligations. She advised Eddie that daycare for my children would afford me the opportunity to further develop my art, saying, “Endure financial pain; invest your time, money, and energy where it matters.” A widow at 38 with 5 children, she epitomized resilience, transforming her time into personal freedom.

Her professional approach to breeding Frisian stud mares earned her prizes, including a Grand Prix score for the stallion she bred herself, Jeroen Poll. She relished life on the farm, grateful for the expansive view of the Groningen countryside. I am thankful for the lessons learned: “Women toward enlightenment, fight with passion, and give it soul.






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