Did anyone care about the legacy?

In a time marked by cross-border conflicts and wars, challenges arose that would reverberate for generations to come. When I was born, my father was 39 years old, having settled down late in life. His experiences during World War II, particularly his service in the Indonesian War of Independence at the age of 19, left an indelible mark.

Did society recognize the sacrifices made by individuals like my father and the profound impact of their experiences on future generations?

Now, more than ever, we are faced with challenges that call upon our collective responsibility. In a world where individualism and instant gratification reign supreme, we sometimes lose sight of the value of community spirit. Divorce, excessive consumption, and environmental pollution are just a few signs of this trend. While countries like Russia pursue their own interests and refugees elsewhere find no safety, we must acknowledge that our prosperity comes from the sacrifices of others.

Let us cherish the legacy of our ancestors and work towards a better future for the generations to come. It is up to us to protect and cherish this legacy.


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