A love song in ceramics

True love is about receiving a great gift, finding joy in it, and taking care of it. Nurturing what is entrusted to you. When the time is there, it’s about letting go with the same joy and a desire to move forward!





Haqiqua (truth), Tariqa (the path), and Marifa (mystical knowledge) together form a complex artwork that is the beautiful result of a meeting where direct heart-to-heart connection was established. This is the story about pure love.


The genuine attention you bestowed upon me made me feel like coming home. Deep in my belly, a sun began to burn, radiating heat like a fiery furnace. My entire body responded to this. I felt that something in my belly started to grow, bloom, and come to life. I was in joyful expectation! Haqiqua and Tariqa, like two beautiful flowers, came into the world. First their heads, and then their bodies.

The time we spent together were euphoric moments that I had enjoyed. From this intense feeling, I created the sculptures Haqiqua and Tariqa. It was a process of immense joy, but it also had its painful moments. The beginning was so beautiful, but then it became more challenging.

Prior to the coaching, we had agreed that I would provide a sculpture as a counterpart. It became difficult for me to fulfill that agreement. Handing over one of the ceramic children felt as if something was taken away from me. Something that was not yet ready, not yet standing on its own. The process was actually not complete. So why we kept in touch.

From one of those encounters, another clay child, a beautiful girl emerged. The conceptuel father give her the name Marifa (mystical knowledge).

With Marifa, I still had a sweet girl to take care of, and this made it easier for me to let Tariqa go to her father.

In collaboration with performance coach: Jeroen Kosterman. For more information:









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