Djino sculptuur in exchanged for my second website

A journey that lasted from 2017 to 2023.


Ceramic sculpture from 2017 Size: h45cm x b30cm x d20cm

provides strength and offers comfort

The creation of Djino, which came to life in 2017, was a unique exchange. In exchange for my second website, I created this sculpture. Djino reminds me of that unique collaboration with this web developer, an experience that felt like a brief moment when I stood on the mountain of his wisdom from where he oversaw the world. In his free time, he is involved with the Educational Center for Nature and Astronomy in Bocholt, Belgium.

More information about the ECNS, Educational Center for Nature and Astronomy VZW: and

Inspired by my client, I arrived at a sculpture, Djino, which bears some resemblance to a Tibetan monk and a fakir. Djino seems to possess something magical. With a tablecloth and all, he appears to have ascended. From a mountaintop, he maintains an overview of the world.

The meaning of the name Djino is “the awake” or “pure person.” The ceramic Djino is part of the “uprights” series and serves not only as an object of beauty but also as a functional artwork. Djino can be opened and closed and is designed to hold something. Its ultimate function is determined by the recipient, making it an intriguing mystery.


Djino’s first public performance at Sittards Theatre, at open stage; DE Domijnen, September 10, 2017, COME OFF THE sofa!


Transfer to the client

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