Fight for rights

Born from formless clay
Starting as a nameless lump through walking
Quickly losing shapelessness
First recognized as a genderless torso

Shapes are crafted with hands
Unclear why they persist
Each step strengthens the bonds
Where does the result come from?

The mother is sought and found
In parts separate from each other
The body connected with legs
The hair as a blessing gesture

Alfonsa, mother of many nations
Born from angelic hands
Seen and admired for her grace
Directly from a distant land

The line of her hair takes you
To pure solace from a sea
A resting point for the mind and the eye
Where you once bowed your head

At every moment of the day
She shows you that gratitude is allowed
Made visible in a simple form
Calmness opposite my own storm

©Eddie van Aken, poetry collection: Wolkenridder 2020

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