Love has always been here
From heart, mind, and hands
Emerges from her spirit
Inherently in her bonds

Two feet on the ground
Hips loose and tight
She moves with ease
All around the arena

She comes from there
And is now here
Everything is tru

Tender and proud
She is my foundation
Simply a lifeline

In spite of my pain
She remains until I heal
I smashed my hands
On the wall I couldn’t see

I found my misfortune
What had been there for years
I’ve always searched

Years ago, it appeared
The sign that I could
stand on my own feet

She broke
and yet remained
Nothing is now elevated
Although I still have my clothes

Now I can skate
Left, right, over the foot
I finish the final round
Of pride, there’s nothing left

It lay there for years
A chance to stand up
How embarrassed I feel
and wobbly on the track

©Eddie van Aken, poetry collection: Wolkenridder 2020

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