Like a tidal wave held in place
She came into the world
Surrendered to the law
Simply retold once more

I have a daughter
born from my body
She is what we sought
eternally preserved

Short hair becomes long
and narrow hips wider
swift gestures in a spell
she touches another tenderly

And I know I am not free
Where he talks about I and you
She gives her body and soul
In places where they make love

Her body is her path
thus the law presents her
She can barely stand
A woman is what he says

Even she then has a daughter
No longer what she fought for
She is her first concern
A godly heart stands surety

The grain is crushed
The kernel ground
Everything she pays attention to
Is what her hands attain

Her eyes spit fire
See every movement
So it goes, hour after hour
There is only one experience

I have always been the mother
So I will die fighting
One of body and mind
That will be my daughter’s inheritance

©Eddie van Aken, poetry collection: Wolkenridder 2020

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