Bare feet

Two lily-white bare feet
Slowly walk across the deck
Still the summer without obligation
Hangs some clothing on a rack

The boots are put on
Uncertainly, the shore is reached
Is freedom suddenly gone
Has lethargy given way

On that first evening, a footbath stands
Ready for both foot and leg
Still unaware of the bloodbath
The water runs somewhere

©Eddie van Aken, poetry collection: Wolkenridder 2020

Then the shock causes stiff legs
Stiff feet and some pain
Grateful for being allowed to survive
The song becomes a refrain

Stiff, then cold and insensitive
Again through another city
Only the head remains sensitive
The bath is inadequate

Walking still happens automatically
Obeys the last command
Silence is not symptomatic
For his obedient framework

Unity still had to develop
Legs, hands, head, and heart
Silence turns out not to be very accommodating
Leaves the man alone, confused

Back home, everyday matters
Years just pass by
With the question, you must create something
Silence calls, you are there

Yes, she doesn’t listen to words
Forms the feet from the ground
Supports life against murders
That wound everyone

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