My Alfonsa sculpture is a powerful expression, my way of activism, a silent protest to prevent the bad from overcoming us. It represents our duty to do the right thing and fight for justice, rather than abusing and stealing from others. Drawing inspiration from prominent women thinkers like Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir stimulates me to take action, leading to the creation of The Alfonsa sculpture in 2015.

The sculpture falls under the ‘uprights’ series, objects that I created to support a given direction. They are warriors, fighting for their rights, persisting in motion, and keeping one world afloat. They are focused on actions. The vertical structures emphasize upward energy, which is intended both mentally and physically. Like my other sculptures, they are created to store things that are important to you for support on your journey.

Alfonsa: The name Alfonsa means ‘defender of humanity.’ This ceramic sculpture was created in 2015 and has dimensions of 20cm x 20cm x 35cm.




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