Ceramic warrior

Roll up your sleeves

I train my thighs strong and beautiful. They can endure a lot and deliver a blow if necessary. Fighting with my heart and soul!

Under my lid, you will find a space designed to understand my heart and feel the courage needed to create this ceramic sculpture.

Hands on the thighs of a ceramic warrior from 2019. Is inspired by two Chinese vases that adorned a windowsill for decoration. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that these vases have undergone multiple repairs in various places. The visible glue and deformations in the vases narrate a tale of resilience and restoration—a message that what is broken can be mended. Much like individuals who strive to repair and heal what has been damaged in their lives, it’s as if they are single-handedly saving the world.

These vases serve as a potent symbol of transformation, perseverance, and the beauty found in imperfections. The repair process, often known as ‘kintsugi’ in Japanese culture, involves mending broken objects with gold or other materials to accentuate their history and the beauty of their scars. This philosophy can be applied to life, reminding us that our experiences and challenges can make us even more valuable and unique.

Now, the process of repair undergoes a transformation as I’ve received an order from the owners of the ‘two Chinese vases’ to craft a new pair in vibrant colors, celebrating the success of the healing process“Hands on Thighs” (2019) – Esther Lunter Sculpturen (youtube.com)



















ceramic sculpture 2019 l15cmxw15cm h 30cm


Inspiration – Process

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