Tariqa goes her own way

As you know, I found it difficult to entrust the separated life of my beautiful daughter and her upbringing to her father. I didn’t like that she was growing up with him. I thought he could engage in more activities with our daughter. She was left alone too much, left high and dry. It made me restless.
Tariqa and her call to water.

Because during a hot summer, she enjoys taking a dip in the water to swim and cool off. But in the winter, when there is ice, she likes to go ice skating. She puts on her skates, dances on the ice, or goes on skating trips. Only when she’s tired and hungry does she return home.
During that time, she was uncontrollable, unstoppable. Our daughter, our little princess. A wild incarnation. Although she can give love and protection, she can also take revenge on those who harm her. Her unbraided hair, scant clothing, and unpredictability show that she is dangerous and powerful.
Suddenly, there was a turbulent flood of the River Maas. I discussed the incident with her father. Because we both love her, we decided to let her go.


Throughout the whole process, contact with her father remained. We discussed the best way to raise her. In the meantime, I had the chance to create Marifa. Building something new was good for me. It distracted me, and I could pay more attention to my hobbies, like ice skating. I joined a camp and taught children how to skate. Later, I pursued training as an ST3 trainer/coach, which kept me busy. This allowed me to let her go and let her father raise his daughter. This was also a challenge for him because he was familiar with raising sons.




Vragen of interesse?

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