Marta is not white, not black, but earth-red and feels at home all around the world. She stands on her hands, disarms, and challenges you. She has an eye for everyone needs and encouraged who wants to play with her.

Marta, heartthrob, unique piece, ceramic hand-painted stoneware from the year 2020, fired at 1170 degrees, dimensions: 15x15x40 cm.











I made the Marta sculpture on behalf of my cousin to make a special ceramics to celebrate his wife’s 60th birthday. The assigned theme was ‘openness to protection and comfort’. In embarking on this creative journey, the recipient presented a challenge, asking how and where the story of this sculpture and the story of its creator – their story – would intersect and continue into the future. As they traveled from the far north to the south on their day off, they embraced their sculpture, Marta, and brought it home – a meaningful piece destined to hold cherished memories.


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