Tariqa, the offspring of love’s birth


“I am who I am, free to go wherever that may be. I may conquer the world, and the world may conquer me. I offer adventure, freedom, and love, and I demand everything. In exchange, I ask for comfort, share happiness, and shed tears!” 



Tariqa is the second figurine in the complex, multipart sculpture: A love story in ceramics. It the process of true love. Tariqa (the path), Haqiqua (truth), and Marifa (mystical knowledge) are the beautiful outcome of a meeting where the connection was made directly from our hearts. Once trust had been firmly established in our relationship, something remarkable happened. Her true self emerged that hidden part that only comes to the surface when one feels truly safe. It was as though a tremendous primal force surged within me, and I no longer had to expend my energy pushing her away. I felt liberated

The sincere attention you bestowed upon me made me feel as if I were coming home. Deep in my stomach, a sun began to burn, shining like a fiery oven. My entire body responded to this sensation. I could feel that something in my belly started to grow, to bloom, and come to life. I was in joyful anticipation! Haqiqua, Tariqa, and Marifa, like beautiful flowers, were born. First, their heads emerged, and then their bodies followed. On their heads, they stand in a pot like flowers. This is how they were born. New life, in clay.

The names were conceived by the Conceptual Father of the sculptures. Haqiqua, the son, means truth. Tariqa, the daughter, is the path. Together, they form the path to truth.

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