empowerment in the kitchen counter


A crude and outdated belief once suggested, “the only right of a woman is the kitchen counter”—a statement that, unfortunately, still resonates in some corners of the world today. Taking this remark to heart, I channeled my energy into nurturing not only my family but also empowerment through art and education.

I proudly introduce Cinderella, a ceramic sculpture that challenges this outdated notion. This apron, complete with four breast pockets, represents my commitment to nurturing my family and myself. It’s a testament to the importance of basic self-care and teaching my family essential life skills. Together, we humorously dubbed this learning process the HIO diploma, covering cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing. I’m proud to say, they all passed!

As our daughter faced the choice of her educational path, I encouraged her to delve into the study of law—not the laws of the household, but those that govern our fundamental human rights. Inspired by a preliminary conversation with a lawyer, she embraced this field wholeheartedly.

Now, as she nears the completion of her studies, it’s clear she’s not only mastered the HIO essentials but has also earned what I call the “HIO part 2 diploma”—understanding and defending her rights, and knowing how to take care of herself in all respects.

As a symbol of moving beyond traditional roles and embracing full personal empowerment, Cinderella is now for sale. Join us at the final weekend of the exhibition at Kunsthuis, Dorp 16, De Pinte, Zevergem, BE. Let’s celebrate the journey of empowerment together.



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