Views from a mother

Like a tidal wave set in stone
She came into the world
Subject to the law
Simply retold

A daughter
Born from my body
sought eternally
preserved as love

Short hair becomes long
Narrow hips widen in their stride
Quick gestures in a spell
She touches another tenderly

like the span of life
I know I am not free
Where he speaks of me and you
She gives her body

In places where they make love
Her body, her path,
That’s how the law presents it
Barely able to stand anymore A woman,

He says, and I feel it
She also has her own daughter
No longer what she once fought for

A godly heart stands surety
The grain is crushed,
The kernel ground
All she sees is what her hands fetch

Her eyes spit fire
Every movement an experience
I have always been the mother
So I will die in struggle

One of body and spirit
That will be inherited by my daughter
My first concern my heartfelt wish

©Eddie van Aken Wolkenridder 2020

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