The gardener seduces his wife. Ceramic sculpture created in 2017, size h40cm x b18cm x d18cm.

Gardener The gardener seduces his wife. Ceramic sculpture ‘The Gardener,’ created in 2017, dimensions: H40cm x W18cm x D18cm.

After the battle, we must enjoy all the beautiful things in life. The gardener plants beautiful red roses in the garden so that his wife can admire them and remember that he loves her.

‘The Gardener’ is part of the ‘uprights’ series, objects I created to support a specific direction. They are warriors, fighting for their rights, persisting in motion, and keeping one world afloat. They are focused on actions. The vertical structures emphasize upward energy, which is intended both mentally and physically. Like my other sculptures, they are created to hold things that are important to you for support on your journey.



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