Rachelle, “the runner with the shortened hind leg” captures a frozen moment of a runner in motion. Drawing inspiration from photographed images of running people, where legs often appear shortened, hidden, or contorted.


The size of the sculpture Rachelle, is W20 cm x D20 cm x H45 cm. Year 2016. The meaning of the name is “playful lamb.



















When I was injured in my hamstring tendon, it prevented me from running for a while. The forced pause brought me to a standstill. There were no more distractions, no more chatter with my running friends. I became quiet and had time to look inward. During the healing, I created the ceramic sculpture, Rachelle.

This period of reflection found its form in Rachelle. I made a sculpture that opens up, allowing you to look inside. It also serves as a place to preserve cherished memories, such as small verses written on a piece of paper, a relic, or ashes of a departed person. The objects or treasures to be preserved also become still lifes.

Rachelle is a sculpture with layers: A frozen moment of a runner in motion. Reflective, becoming still, and being able to look inward. A storage box

Public performance

Rachelle, the runner, recently made her debut on the stage of Lieke Benders’ visual theater in Maastricht.

Her presence added a unique dimension to the performance, showcasing not just a sculpture but a living character within the artistic narrative. Rachelle’s appearance symbolized more than her artistic representation; she became an active participant in the broader theatrical story. This public performance provided an opportunity for the audience to experience the deeper meaning behind Rachelle, transforming her from a sculpture into a dynamic presence that engaged and resonated with the viewers.






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